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However, the conservative method of therapy, according to experts, has some disadvantages. The main ones are the lack of effectiveness in the long term and the lack of accurate indicators of the results of such treatment. So, doctors note that over time, treatment with medications becomes less effective. This leads either toincrease the dosage of the drug, or to search for other methods of therapy. Also, the results of treatment and the use of zyban medications are not sufficiently studied.


In addition, drugs used to treat hemifacial spasm have a sedative effect. People who take them have reduced attention and quality of life, they become lethargic, drowsy. The conservative drug treatment of facial muscle spasms helps only in the initial stages of the disease. In the outpatient setting, other pathology treatments such as botulinum toxin therapy and microvascular decompression are often used.

The first of these methods is botulinum toxin injections. According to buy zyban of studies, it has been established that such therapy is quite effective in the early stages of the disease, and it is also effective in the later stages of the development of the disease. Among the disadvantages of such treatment are the following.

The rather high cost of the drugs used, as well as the need for repeated injections. The presence of contraindications, which include eye diseases and vision problems, since the introduction of botulinum toxin can provoke photophobia, increased lacrimation, strabismus, and so on. Preliminary examination, including consultations of an allergist and an ophthalmologist.

Hemifacial seizures can be managed with a neurosurgical operation called microvascular decompression. It consists in installing a special Teflon protector between the tissues of the nerve and the vessel. This protector reduces the conflict between them and dampens the pulsations that provoke facial muscle spasm. bupropion pills of treatment has been used for a long time. In 9 out of 10 people, seizures go away forever. Of the traditional medicine for hemifacial spasm, the most effective are the following.


Possible complications of hemifacial spasm include.

Onion compress. A medium-sized white onion is crushed with a meat grinder. Then the resulting minced onion is laid out on gauze, which is folded so that the gruel is inside. After that, the resulting compress is applied to the affected area. To prevent eye irritation, it is worth putting a prepared circle made of dense material on it.


partial or complete hearing loss, development of weakness of the facial muscles, ataxia, eye pathology, visual impairment.

Lemon-garlic compress. Half a small spoonful of juice squeezed from a lemon is mixed with gruel obtained from several crushed cloves of garlic. This mass is applied to gauze and a compress is made from it. When using folk remedies for the treatment of hemifacial seizures, it should be remembered that they can only alleviate the pain and reduce the severity of the attack. Such therapy must necessarily be combined with traditional treatment.


In addition, there are cases of bupropion development of aseptic meningitis, dysphagia, rhinorrhea and other pathologies.

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